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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I exchange my tickets?

AS Piletilevi Group exchanges tickets only with the permission of the organiser. Exchanges can be done among the events of the same organiser no later than 3 workdays before the event.

Can I get a refund for my tickets?

AS Piletilevi Group refunds tickets with the permission of the organiser if a corresponding contract has been concluded with the organiser. In general, tickets are refunded if the event has been cancelled, the date of the event has been changed, or the content of the event has changed to the extent that it can be assumed that the ticket buyer may not have wished to buy a ticket to the changed event.

Do I have to print out my tickets?

No. You can present the ticket for verification from your smartphone. By not printing your ticket, you help to contribute to a greener environment.

Can I exchange my electronic ticket for a yellow (regular) ticket?


Can I book tickets?

We book tickets for orders of 10 tickets or more if the organiser has granted us the permission to do so.

The chance to book tickets ends two weeks prior to the event.

The deadline for receiving the payment to the bank account of AS Piletilevi Group is five days after the tickets have been booked. After the payment, we send the tickets to the desired e-mail address.







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